Society for Social Uplift through Rural Action (SUTRA)

Society for Social Uplift through Rural Action (SUTRA)


Social Uplift Through Rural Action (SUTRA), a non-governmental voluntary organisation, has been working in Himachal Pradesh since 1977. From service provision, the organisation moved towards transformational change to address the problems emerging from their erstwhile beneficiaries. These included alcoholism, domestic and social violence, land encroachment, child marriages, health, girls’ education and declining sex ratios. Women’s collectives were formed and various training programs were conducted to empower these groups.

SUTRA’s goal is to enable the establishment of Gender Just Governance. It continues to work with several national and international organisations on the issue of decentralized governance, reproductive health, issues of single women and gender-just development.


– Gender & Equity

– Life free from violence

– Local self-governance

– Health Care

–Micro credits

Location head office

Jagjit Nagar, Himachal Pradesh