Sponsoring & Cooperations

Students suggest projects – GTI votes – students control

Due to a generous donation, GTI has the possibility to support different projects each year by a financial contribution of up to CHF 3’000. GTI interns (together with the NGOs they are working for) have the possibility to apply for a financial contribution to a specific project. The selection of the projects that are supported, is made by the board of GTI. The following criteria are used:

  • The money is used to support disadvantaged people in India
  • The project needs to be realizable by one single donation
  • The realization and impact of the project needs to be visible
  • The impact of the project is sustainable
  • The description of the project is comprehensible

Being a sponsor provides you the opportunity to support projects efficiently in India. The funds received are directly invested into the projects and are not spent on overheads.

As a sponsor you have the opportunity to present yourself to a large number of students via Gateway to India’s extensive channels. We offer you a prominent position in our marketing and communication material that mainly targets students of the University of St.Gallen.

Furthermore, Gateway to India is interested in cooperating with other platforms and organizations. Mutually beneficial synergies will support our vision to promote the Indian culture.